Early Learning Books & Activities

Let’s Find a Way to Play Together

Michelle Lee wrote a charming story about a pig, named Pip, and a bear, named Nico, who want to play together, but have two entirely different ideas of how to play. The fun in the book is watching Pip’s continued creative efforts and growing frustration at the disconnect, while Nico stays steadfast in his desire to play his way. Will they solve the problem, and find a way to play together before the time for fun has passed?

  • Age appropriate words and tone Yes
  • Age appropriate messaging – Yes
  • Engaging illustrations – Yes (sweet and simple for young children)
  • Inspire growth, imagination, or thought- Yes
  • Sustainable interest over multiple reads- Potentially
    • I would rate this book a 4.5 out of 5!

Playtime Re-imagined!

If you have been following along with this blog, you know my goal is to give you ideas for some activities for children’s books, so that you might be inspired to further engage with your young readers, and keep them growing and learning after the story has ended.

I think reading “Play with Me” offers a perfect opportunity to teach the children about compromise! Today, we put a bunch of games and activities in a jar, and I let each girl pick one. Then I let THEM figure out how best the two activities could be played together. We ended up with “Face paint-Park play.” The girls decided that meant they wanted to paint their faces like a cat and dog, and then go to play at the park for the afternoon. That is precisely what we did!

For extra fun…

If it is a more inside kind of day, or the idea of compromising and blending two activities is a little out of reach for your kiddos, don’t feel overwhelmed! Maybe this is the perfect day to make your own band! We have plenty of toy instruments, but just for some crafty fun, we thought we would show you our colorful rice maracas. All you need is an empty water bottle (small ones work best), a drop of food coloring, and some rice!

Now you’re all set to Read Together & Do Together!

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