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Someone Needs a Friend Today.

“Can I be Your Dog” is a sweet book that my whole family enjoyed. It is basically a compilation of letters written between the dog and various community members as the dog searches for a home and family. Troy Cummings does a great job of taking a serious topic of helping animals in need and making it bringing it to the attention of children in a heartwarming way. Don’t worry, I won’t give away the ending, but I will tell you that at the very end of the book Mr. Cummings shares lots of ideas of how you too can help animals without a home, and of course, we were inspired! But first, the review…

  • Age appropriate words and tone Yes
  • Age appropriate messaging – Yes
  • Engaging illustrations – Yes
  • Inspire growth, imagination, or thought- Yes
  • Sustainable interest over multiple reads- Yes,
    • I would rate this book a 5 out of 5!

You’ve read the book, now what?

The Value of Working for a Gift

They made their sign, they knew their message (“the money is to help the lonely puppies,”) and they mixed their product. By 10am my little entrepreneurs were ready to open their first business. Let me say, we have some very generous neighbors! I have never in my life paid so much for a glass of lemonade as some of the kind souls that drove by this sale over the weekend did, but my children were so excited and so grateful! In under two hours, they raised $45 to take to donate to the SPCA! I don’t know who benefited more from this project, the homeless puppies, the people who were able to donate and many of whom commented on being proud of the kids for taking such initiative, or my children, who got to work for something other than themselves. They got the satisfaction of the joy that comes from working hard for something other than yourself. They were so happy to give all that money away, knowing it was for a good cause. I was so proud of them. After it was all said and done, it was very late, and I did treat them to a Happy Meal, which was almost providential because inside they found a dog of their own to take home!

Letters Lift a Lonely Heart

Great Grandpa has terrible Alzheimer’s disease, he won’t remember which great- grandchild Lydia is when this had written card reaches his complete care home, but he will remember that he is loved. He will know that he is remembered and treasured even though we are far away. If you know someone who might be lonely, write them a letter. Don’t send a text. Don’t rely on a Facebook post. There is something special about the extra effort of putting a stamp on an envelope and taking those few steps to the mailbox that really spark our hearts. Let’s revive the dying art of letter writing!

Read together and Do together!

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Indoor fun for your little monster

Is your May weather as moody as ours is? One day we are outside enjoying the full beauty of Spring, and the very next day we are hunkered down listening to the storms from the safety of our inner most rooms. It is days like that when we are very thankful for our recent trip to the library. I love libraries for so many reasons, but one of the most obvious is the chance to discover new books for FREE! This week we found a book called “Have You Seen My Monster?”

It was written by Steve Light, and while the story-line is incredibly basic, we are talking a few words per page, this book has two elements that make it extra fun. There is the basic “find” aspect on each page, as the children get to hunt for not-so-hidden monster, and there is a new and exciting intro into the world of geometry. This book goes well beyond the basic square, circle, triangle shapes that picture books commonly offer children, by simply naming and coloring shapes like “curvlinear triangles” and “nonagons” on otherwise black and white illustrations. I think it is this distinction that blends the book across the age groups, making it appropriate for preschoolers and also interesting for the 1st-3rd grade readers who are still mastering geometry terms.

  • Age appropriate words and tone -Yes
  • Age appropriate messaging – Yes
  • Engaging illustrations – Yes
  • Inspire growth, imagination, or thought- Yes
  • Sustainable interest over multiple reads- Maybe
    • I would rate this book a 4.5 out of 5!

You’ve read the book, now what?

Shape your Monster (then hide and seek it!)

Give your kiddos the opportunity to practice their fine motor skills by cutting out shapes that you’ve pre-drawn for them on a variety of colored paper. Let them clue them together to create a monster from their own imagination. Meanwhile, make one of your own so that when they are finished with their creations, you can hide your monster and you can spend the next 30 minutes (or…hours!) playing “Have you seen my monster?”

Read Together & Do Together

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What is Easter all about?

There are so many reasons to read Michelle Medlock Adams’ “What is Easter” this week! First, you will likely be looking for a great Easter book. I highly recommend this one! Here is why: it admits to the fun of all the egg hunt, bunny and candy elements without putting them down, but it definitely admits that those are NOT the reason we celebrate Easter in the first place! This book is not shy in gently discussing Christ’s death and celebrating His resurrection! A second reason could be the lovely flow and rhyme; after all, it is National Poetry Month!

  • Age appropriate words and tone Yes
  • Age appropriate messaging – Yes
  • Engaging illustrations – Yes
  • Inspire growth, imagination, or thought- Yes
  • Sustainable interest over multiple reads- Yes, though seasonal
    • I would rate this book a 5 out of 5!

You’ve read the book, now what?

Now’s the Time to Hunt for the Rhyme!

In honor of National Poetry Month, I decided this book was the perfect time to integrate an activity I learned from the “I Can Teach My Child to Read” Pinterest Board. The only thing I added was the hunting element before the reading element of the word families. Do you see how it works? For my preschooler who is just learning the basics of sounds and reading, we stuck with three letter words. I put the second two letters, maybe “AT” on the larger side of the egg and all around the smaller side, I wrote the letters of the word family that would make the rhyming words; “C,” “B,” “S”…and so on. She loved the activity, and even my three-year-old, who is too young to read, was old enough to match the colors, and enjoyed taking them apart and putting them back together. ( NOTE: I did buy the cheapest eggs I could find, and I would not recommend that for this game. It was rather annoying as they would not twist well and even would not lock into place as securely as the stronger plastic would have.)

A Constant Reminder of the Cross

There is nothing sweeter to me than hearing the young voices in my house talking aloud to themselves or each other about “the cross of Jesus” and that is exactly what I have enjoyed everyday since we read “What is Easter” and the put up these window clings I purchased at the Dollar General. Sure, after about two minutes it looks like chaos, but they are having fun, and they are thinking about what Jesus did for them on the cross, and that is all I care about!

A week focused on Jesus

Tuesday: Jesus spent the day reminding us of the wisdom to be found in the scriptures. (Matthew 21, Mark 11, Luke 19-20, John 2) So we made verse scrolls that also remind us of the value of scripture. “Thy word is a lamp unto our Feet and a light unto our path.” Psalm 119:105 We used glow sticks as the scroll turners to really play up the LIGHT of God’s word, but this is just as great of a craft with dowels, plastic straws, or sticks from the backyard!

Would you have been a Mary? Martha? or Judas?

Wednesday: Today we read the story of Jesus’ visit to Bethany when he stays with Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. We enjoyed the story retold in the “Children’s Illustrated Bible” as it is retold by Selina Hastings. I talked briefly to the girls about the Martha served Jesus by taking care of everyone’s needs, and how Martha served Jesus by washing His (probably STINKY) feet with her hair and expensive perfume! Then we spent the bulk of our time talking about how Judas was angry and betrayed Jesus for the same price that someone would have sold a slave in those days. We made the amount of silver pieces one by one, and even at 3 and 4, they decided that no amount of “treasure” would have been enough to sell Jesus over to “the bad guys” who were trying to hurt Jesus.

Thursday: So the bread for our Last Supper celebration is rising now, but I wanted to give you the details ASAP so that you would have time to join in on the fun if you wanted to break bread and share in some grape juice with your littles this afternoon. We used a recipe that I found on Pinterest from Mel’s Kitchen. Not only are the ingredients simple and easy to find, her instructions are easy to follow. Best of all she offers wonderful suggestions for all who may not have fancy baking tools such as baking stones and such. https://www.melskitchencafe.com/rustic-crusty-bread-a-simple-how-to/

Once you have your bread made, re-read “What is Easter” and go ahead and I suggest reading the story of the Last Supper with the family. Page 264 in the beautifully illustrated Bible I mentioned yesterday or of course you can find it in the Bible itself; Matthew 26, Mark 14, Luke 22, or John 13.

Good Friday: Today we focused on our hearts and the salvation message. Do you remember using the colors black, red, white, yellow, and green to sing the salvation message in Sunday school growing up? Well, we invited some friends over this morning to use heart beads in those colors, and of course, a wooden cross, to make bracelets or necklaces to remind of what Jesus did for us on the cross. I hope you are finding a way to celebrate the shed blood, the symbolic torn curtain, the direct access you have to the Heavenly Father today because of Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice for you.

Happy Easter everyone! Enjoy some of these activities or others as you celebrate the risen Lord! If you have any questions about any part of this salvation message, please feel free to email me directly. I will be happy to get you more information.

email: Rebecca@booksbroughttolife.com

Read together & Do together!